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After some checking around and consideration, I have decided to delete some of my links. Some of these are just not really worth visiting on even a semi-regular basis (no offense to those whom I cut off... but you probably don't pay much attention to those sites anyways... <ROFL>) I also added a couple of links as well... heh... ^_^
Linking to me!
Well, if you find for whatever reason you need to link to me, use the following banner to do so. ^_^ it's nothing fancy, but it does the job.


My Favorite Links
CG Shrines is an excellenct collection of anime and game pictures. This include both official and fan arts. The shrines, however, are all devoted to various female characters. It is a good place to start looking for pictures if you're trying to find one on popular female anime or game characters. ^_^
Anime Web Turnpike One of the most comprehensive anime link lists on the web. If it's an anime that exists in fair popularity, they have a link for it. @.@
Scientific American Scientific American... what can I say, I like science. ^_^
RPGamer A great site if you want to look up information on RPGs for various video game consoles. I have a few Fan Arts posted there. ^_^
The Gaming Intelligence Agency The Gaming Intelligence Agency is an excellent source of up-to-date information on the latest games. I hav several fan art submissions there as well... ^_^ But go there for the info and the excellent collection of game pictures, screenshots, and various other media as well. ^_^
Green Dragon Inn The Green Dragon Inn, one of my old 'Net hangouts. Maintains two popular chat rooms and a list of role-playing and fantasy pages. ^_^
The Official Darwin Awards A tribute to the "selfless individuals" who have managed to remove themselves from the gene pool before they can do any real damage to it. <LOL>
Links to Various Individuals
Dark Ramoth's page... needs no introduction. One of my best friends on the 'Net and keeper of one ot he best personal webpages I have seen. go take a look, you won't be disappointed. (P.S. The banner is my creation... <EG>)
An excellent website with info on select anime series maintained by Ryke/Iri. Definitely well designed and worth visiting. ^_^
Neko House The homepage of the talented Sakana and her friends. Plenty of good anime artwork can be found withing these pages. go look, you won't regret it. ^_^
Paradox Headquarters! Page of the crazy and talented Lex... qiuality fan art and original works can be found here. go take a look! ^_^
D. Kartoon is a very talented (disgustingly so, =P) individual who maintains an excellent collection of original and fan art on the web. A visit there is bound to make one jealous... <LOL> But definitely worth a look. ^_^
Starlight Inn Umm.. well, this belongs to my good friend Stargazer. It has been moved to its new home. ^_^
Lestat's Tower Well, this belongs to Lestat, a good acquaintance and fellow furry fan IRL. The page has potential... and I think he may be in the process of updating it... <G>
House Tempest Dlangar's website. Nice layout and clean design. I like his sense of organization... and there's that textture I wanted to steal... <LOL> JK!!
Wystria's Home Page Well, self explanatory. Belongs to Wystria... a chat room and info on her characters.
Mirage's Website Mirage is a curious eccentric... perhaps a bit too curious at times. His page is a tad empty at the moment, but as soon as he picks a topic, I'm sure it'll get better. ^_^
Dasmon's home page...atually, it's just a homepage of a bunch of her characters... comprehensive... but a tad hard to navigate... seeing how there's no explanation of what anything is... o.O' Well, still, fairly comprehensive Inn-related and personal site tho. ^_^
Blue Fields Formerly Jean Valjean's Squaresoft Encyclopedia. It has now been changed... althought still under the same ownership. The theme is still centered aroudn RPG's and is currently under construction. =)
The Wilted Rose Umm... maintained by the personal formerly wandering the inn as Lyarith... she's a bit Vampire:the Masquerade fan... and the site is basically a small shrine to the game... <LOL>
Ejderha's Page The web page of one of my best friends in HS. It's a basic page at the moment, but with his sense of diligence, I'm sure it'll turn out to be a great page. ^_^
Dawn's Page Umm... belongs to Luna, the nutty woman. Just a small personal website of stuff she decided to put up.
Vex's Self-loathing FunPage Moonie's page... kinda nutty and weird. it is very unorganized in many ways... be warned... <LOL>
Skieweaver's Lair

Well, the lair of the fiery Skieweaver. Has a fairly extensive list of Inn patrons and their pictures (or the pic they have chosen) quite a few of them are actually mine... <ROFL>
P.S. Get some real thumbnails, Skie!!! <LOL>

*Star's* Home Well, Star is a nice lady I met over Chat Planet, amd her page is devoted to Astronomy. There's a nice and clean chatroom she maintains for good conversation. ^_^
Studio Typhoon Web page maintained by an old acquaintance of mine whom I got into touch with lately. It is a page with RPG and amature artist pics on them, along with some short stories and the sorts. Fairly well constructed and worth a visit. ^_^